Saturday, October 22, 2011


A.J. and I have placed another check in our travel box! Last week I met A.J. at the GW's port call in Singapore. My trip was already going to be a bit short, as I was trying to limit my days off of work, however it got cut even shorter!

I arrived in Singapore on Thursday evening, where my husband was waiting for me. We took the train back to our hotel, got settled and headed out for dinner. We spent all day Friday and Saturday walking up and down Orchard Street going in and out of malls with every store you could ever think of! It was a great two days of time well spent together!

We also took a tour while we were there to the Night Safari. Very cool! All the animals are free roaming in their habitats. There was a long tram ride on one trail and some other walking trails. Flash photography was not allowed, so no pictures of any of the animals.

The sad news came on Saturday evening as we were walking back to our hotel. The George Washington was being re-called to help with relief efforts, which meant A.J. was headed back to the boat in a few hours and I would be left in Singapore by myself for 2 days. Seeing as this trip was meant to give us a few extra days together in the craziness that we call deployments over here, it was a huge let down for both of us.

But, we went ahead and had a nice dinner, packed A.J. up and I sent him back to the boat.

Sunday was spent with my good friend Elaine on Sentosa Island. We went on a hunt for a familiar store...

did some shopping, and hit up the Universal Studios theme park. I also had my first Singapore Sling!

Overall, a good day but sad none-the-less as we were suppose to be with our hubby's! I finally headed home on Monday and jumped right back into work. Hopefully our next adventure won't be cut so short!

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