Saturday, October 22, 2011


A.J. and I have placed another check in our travel box! Last week I met A.J. at the GW's port call in Singapore. My trip was already going to be a bit short, as I was trying to limit my days off of work, however it got cut even shorter!

I arrived in Singapore on Thursday evening, where my husband was waiting for me. We took the train back to our hotel, got settled and headed out for dinner. We spent all day Friday and Saturday walking up and down Orchard Street going in and out of malls with every store you could ever think of! It was a great two days of time well spent together!

We also took a tour while we were there to the Night Safari. Very cool! All the animals are free roaming in their habitats. There was a long tram ride on one trail and some other walking trails. Flash photography was not allowed, so no pictures of any of the animals.

The sad news came on Saturday evening as we were walking back to our hotel. The George Washington was being re-called to help with relief efforts, which meant A.J. was headed back to the boat in a few hours and I would be left in Singapore by myself for 2 days. Seeing as this trip was meant to give us a few extra days together in the craziness that we call deployments over here, it was a huge let down for both of us.

But, we went ahead and had a nice dinner, packed A.J. up and I sent him back to the boat.

Sunday was spent with my good friend Elaine on Sentosa Island. We went on a hunt for a familiar store...

did some shopping, and hit up the Universal Studios theme park. I also had my first Singapore Sling!

Overall, a good day but sad none-the-less as we were suppose to be with our hubby's! I finally headed home on Monday and jumped right back into work. Hopefully our next adventure won't be cut so short!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

GW Friends and Family Day

Every year the George Washington hosts a Friends and Family Day where the family members of the GW's officers and sailors get to go on a day long "cruise." Last year got cancelled because of a Typhoon, so we jumped at the opportunity this year. The ship pulled out for the entire day and I got to experience what it was like to live on the boat. Let me tell you, I have no idea how my husband does it because one day was MORE than enough for me!

We hopped on a bus around 5 AM and traveled down to Yokosuka where the GW is docked. We pulled out of the port around 7 AM and got underway! Most of the day was spent walking around the boat seeing where A.J. spends so much of his time. I got to see his room, where they eat, the squadron ready room and so much more. There was an air show in the afternoon where they launched all the different aircraft types off the ship. That was one of the coolest experiences I think I will ever have. Watching a Super Hornet get launched off a catapult of a ship like that was incredible! Overall the day was a bit long as most of the fun activities were more geared towards kids and the food was pretty bad, but we had fun and I really enjoyed getting to see what A.J. does a little more up close and personal!

CVW- 73

Never ending hallways!

A.J.'s rack

D'Backs jet

Tiger Zoo

We took one tour while we were in Thailand, which was to the Tiger Zoo. There we got to have our picture taken with tiger, feed a tiger cub and feed an elephant. It was a nice mini trip inside our bigger trip!

This little guy was THE cutest thing I have ever seen! I wanted to just squeeze him!

Pattaya, Thailand

The end of our Thailand trip was spent in Pattaya where the ship pulled in and I met A.J. We stayed at the Marriott in Pattaya, which had a swim up bar and a wonderful spa! We enjoyed ourselves so much!

Bangkok, Thailand

Once again, I am WAY behind on my blogging. Sorry everyone! Time to catch up!

I was fortunate enough to travel to one of the port calls this summer. Port calls are places that the George Washington pulls into and the guys are able to get off of the ship for a few days. I spent 9 days in Thailand, 5 of which were spent with A.J. We had a great time! I started my trip in Bangkok with some other girls from Zama and then we continued on to Pattaya, where the ship came in.

In Bangkok, we stayed at the cutest little hotel called Seven.

Seven was tucked away on this little street with this beautiful pond out front. There were only 7 rooms in the hotel and each room was a different color. Very fun and the perfect place for our little 2 night adventure!

We were in the green room.

Check out our bathroom!

Our one full day in Bangkok was spent on an all day tour. We saw the Grand Palace, the Royal Family's mansion and some other temple's. It was a beautiful (but very hot) day and we had a great time looking at all the history in the city.

Reclining Buddha

We also took a river boat tour at the end of the day. Absolutely beautiful!

Please see the next post for pictures from Pattaya!