Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

Once again, I am WAY behind on my blogging. Sorry everyone! Time to catch up!

I was fortunate enough to travel to one of the port calls this summer. Port calls are places that the George Washington pulls into and the guys are able to get off of the ship for a few days. I spent 9 days in Thailand, 5 of which were spent with A.J. We had a great time! I started my trip in Bangkok with some other girls from Zama and then we continued on to Pattaya, where the ship came in.

In Bangkok, we stayed at the cutest little hotel called Seven.

Seven was tucked away on this little street with this beautiful pond out front. There were only 7 rooms in the hotel and each room was a different color. Very fun and the perfect place for our little 2 night adventure!

We were in the green room.

Check out our bathroom!

Our one full day in Bangkok was spent on an all day tour. We saw the Grand Palace, the Royal Family's mansion and some other temple's. It was a beautiful (but very hot) day and we had a great time looking at all the history in the city.

Reclining Buddha

We also took a river boat tour at the end of the day. Absolutely beautiful!

Please see the next post for pictures from Pattaya!

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