Saturday, March 9, 2013

China- Xian

 After our day in Shanghai, we hopped a plane to Xian where the Terra Cotta warriors are located. This was by far our favorite part of the trip. The city still has all it's walls surrounding it and the warriors are really cool! There are 3 pits of warriors and they were discovered by a farmer who was getting water from a well. Each warrior is completely different than any other and they are still working on repairing all of them.

Being warriors.

This is the only warrior in all 3 pits that was found fully intact.

He is also the only one that has any of the original color left on him.

Pit 1...the largest pit.

These were still being repaired while we were there. As they are finished, they get put back in the place that they were found.

China- Shanghai

Over Thanksgiving, we took a 6 day trip to China with another couple from our squadron. It was a bit of a whirlwind since we did 3 cities in those 6 days, but we had a lot of fun and got to see a ton! We started our trip in Shanghai where we spent one day touring the city. We got to see a traditional temple, go to China town (yes, kind of ironic), visited a house built for royalty, attended a tea ceremony and went to a silk factory.  We took almost 1,000 pictures, so this is a very small snap shot of what we did.
Outside of the temple.

Ribbons inside the temple with prayers on them.

Outside of the house we toured.

China town

Tea ceremony. This is Jasmine tea; each tea ball blooms into a different type of flower.

Peepee boys. These were hilarious! If you soak them in water and then pour hot water over them, they pee. We got 3 of them for free when we left because we bought some other things from them.

These ladies were making a silk comforter.

It started to rain right when we got the Bund, which is a park where you can see the entire city. Picture of Shanghai.

Where have you been??

That's a good question!! I just looked at the blog this weekend and realized how far behind I was on posting here. Geez! We've been busy since Thanksgiving traveling, working and dealing with not feeling so hot. I've got some major updating to do!

We went to China over Thanksgiving, took our honey moon at the end of December and also found out that we're expecting our first little one in August! Yup, that's Clay will be making us a family of 3 later this year. :-)  We are thrilled and cannot wait to meet our little one! Needless to say, I have been feeling rather yucky. But, I think I can finally see the end of that road!

So, I'll be posting a bunch on here to get everything updated. Hope you all enjoy!