Sunday, October 9, 2011

GW Friends and Family Day

Every year the George Washington hosts a Friends and Family Day where the family members of the GW's officers and sailors get to go on a day long "cruise." Last year got cancelled because of a Typhoon, so we jumped at the opportunity this year. The ship pulled out for the entire day and I got to experience what it was like to live on the boat. Let me tell you, I have no idea how my husband does it because one day was MORE than enough for me!

We hopped on a bus around 5 AM and traveled down to Yokosuka where the GW is docked. We pulled out of the port around 7 AM and got underway! Most of the day was spent walking around the boat seeing where A.J. spends so much of his time. I got to see his room, where they eat, the squadron ready room and so much more. There was an air show in the afternoon where they launched all the different aircraft types off the ship. That was one of the coolest experiences I think I will ever have. Watching a Super Hornet get launched off a catapult of a ship like that was incredible! Overall the day was a bit long as most of the fun activities were more geared towards kids and the food was pretty bad, but we had fun and I really enjoyed getting to see what A.J. does a little more up close and personal!

CVW- 73

Never ending hallways!

A.J.'s rack

D'Backs jet

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