Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dine Like the Royals

Well, seeing as the road outside my house is currently completely torn up and I cannot leave, it seems like a good day to catch up on blogging!

On July 9th, 13 of us girls traveled up to the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo. (The New Sanno is a DOD hotel located in the city. It has become a wonderful escape for us with and without the guys, as there are numerous restaurants, a NEX and lovely rooms available to stay in.) On this particular weekend, we went up for one of the dinners that the hotel was hosting; "Dine Like the Royals."

Dinner was based off of the menu that was served at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. We had a 9 course dinner complete with 5 different wines. Every course that came out was delicious and we all enjoyed ourselves quite a bit!

Our table for dinner. (We were split between two tables.)

The appetizer was a Crab Timbale. Crab meat wrapped in smoke salmon.

The soup course was Chicken Consomme

Roasted Salmon Package for the Seafood Course

Pan Seared Breast of Duck for the Game Course

This was the best part of the dinner! Champagne Sorbet. Delicious!

Our Entree was a Medallion Duet. We had both beef and lamb with two different sauces.

The Summer Melon Salad

We finished with a dessert trio. Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream and English Trifle.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening filled with great food and even better friends.

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