Saturday, January 8, 2011

23 days...

As most of you know, A.J. and I have 2 cats that we adopted while living in Kingsville. When we moved to Japan, we decided to leave Alfie and Ellie here with my in-laws. We knew that kind of move would be too stressful for them (and probably me), so we moved them in with A.J.'s parents. 23 days ago, Ellie ran away. She got out the back door, got spooked by everyone chasing her and took off into the woods. We were given the awful news over Skype one day, but kept our hopes high that she would find her way back home. As our trip home approached, and no one had seen her, we slowly started giving up hope.

After many dead end phone calls and even one prank one, we were starting to accept the fact that we may have to head back to Japan with one less kitty. But, God works in mysterious ways, and Ellie made her way home today. She was stowed away in a garage 2 doors down from my in-laws! She has been gone 23 days, and looks like she may have had no food the whole time. She had to get a bath when she got here, and outside of her being all skin and bones, and some minor scratches on her back paws, she is no worse for the wear. It is like nothing has changed! She is still her loving self and she seems very happy to be home! And we are VERY happy to have her back!!

Welcome home Ellie!

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  1. So glad you found her!! What a great ending!!