Friday, November 15, 2013

Playing Catch-up (Part 1)

So its been a long time since we updated the blog.  Lauren has been pretty busy for the last 9 months, so now that I am home, I will try and catch everyone up on what we have been up to the last year.

After we returned from China right before the holidays last year, we found ourselves getting ready for our honeymoon to the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia.  We had to postpone our honeymoon because I was in flight school when we got married, so we decided to take advantage of our location and our last big break while in Japan.  Not long before we left, we got some great news... we were going to be parents!  So we spent the new year enjoying the tropics of Malaysia celebrating a honeymoon and a future baby.

While at our resort, we had a little cabin over the water with a fantastic view.

The pool also had a great swim-up bar, where we spent a few afternoons enjoying a meal and the warm weather.

We were having lunch one afternoon when we saw a ship coming in towards the beach at our resort.  As it got closer it was apparent that this vessel was not in great shape and was overflowing with people.  When it got close enough, hundreds of people began jumping overboard and swimming for shore.  Once they hit the beach they raced into the jungle to try and hide.  

As we watched these people run, it was pretty obvious that they were refugees from somewhere in the region.  The resort told us that they were probably Myanmar refugees trying to reach mainland Malaysia, unfortunately they missed by a few miles and landed on the resort island.  It certainly made for an interesting afternoon.    

There was also a cable car that went up to the top of a peak on the island and gave us a pretty good view of the whole island.  Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy most of the week.  It cleared up on our last day...  

One other cool part of the resort was that there were a variety of wild animals that live on the island and roam freely...including monkeys like these two.  They would hang out in the trees near the pool and keep an eye on the guests. 

Overall, we had a great time in Malaysia despite some cloudy weather and an upset stomach that bothered Lauren for most of the trip.  Thats all for part 1.

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