Sunday, March 4, 2012

We're still here...

Once again I find myself WAY behind on the blog posts. We have done quite a few things since the last post and I am excited to share it all with you! Looking back, my last post was in November, which was a story that A.J. shared from the boat. Since then many things have happened in the life of the Japan Clay's:

1. A.J. got off the boat shortly after that last post and was home for 5 days before he left for California and FAC-A school.

2. I saw him a bit earlier than planned after that because, unfortunately, A.J.'s grandfather passed away at the end of November. So, A.J. came in from California and I flew in from Japan and we supported our family through a tough time.

3. 2 weeks after that I headed home again for Christmas vacation. A.J. overlapped with me for about a week while we were home and although we were busy, it was nice to be home with family, friends and especially each other!

4. A.J. finally returned to Japan in January, and after 8 months, it was VERY nice to have him home for longer than 2 weeks.

So, there you are, re-capped on our happenings since November. Keep looking through the blog for the individual posts on our recent fun adventures!

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