Friday, December 31, 2010


On A.J.'s last day off for the Christmas weekend, we decided to head out to Kamakura; home to Daibutsu (Great Buddha) and many other beautiful temples and shrines. It was a gorgeous fall day and the perfect end to the holiday weekend!

Buddha Kitty tells us where to find Great Buddha!

We found him! He stand 40 feet tall without the base underneath him and he weighs 93 tons! We got to go inside of him as well and see how the structure is built. Very cool! Has has survived a number of natural disasters (including earthquakes), but the building that used to house him was destroyed by a tsunami.

I can hold him up!

We also went to a temple. I took almost 70 pictures while I was there! It was just amazing with all of the landscape and such, here are a just a few pics to share!

We also walked down along the coast for awhile. If you look closely in this picture, you can see Mt. Fuji in there. The sky was so light that Fuji-san blends in a little bit.

Beautiful day!

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