Monday, November 15, 2010

Casa de Zama

We are finally moved into our house in Japan! AJ came home a few days after our move in date so we had a lot going on at once! But, within two weeks, we were finally all set up. We are really loving our new space. Both of us are enjoying being in a house instead of a Navy Lodge room and sleeping on a metal shelf that is attached to a boat . Having all of our stuff and sleeping in our own bed again has been a real treat! We have even figured out how to work our appliances, which are all in Japanese!

Our living room

Master Bedroom

I even found a spot for our "little house."

Japanese houses have "shower rooms." This whole room is a shower. You shut the door and it seals the room off and then you have the whole space to shower or take a bath! Awesome!! The floor is even heated!

We also have a Tatami Room. The mats on the floor are made out of weaved bamboo grass. Very neat!

Our kitchen is quite large for a Japanese house! Which is a good thing because I have a lot of kitchen stuff!!!

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