Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly update...

Just a quick update on some things....

AJ got to South Korea last weekend and headed out to the George Washington on Monday. He got a 3 day rest period and then had some extra time off because they had 3 "no-fly" days. He had his first flight today and, I am assuming, it went well. (I have not talked to him about it yet.) He is all settled into his room, with one other guy (which is much better than the alternative of 7 other guys) and he actually has a computer in his room! We have been able to e-mail a little bit and keep in touch about all the happenings over there and here.

And on the home front... thank you to my wonderful parents and in-laws for helping move a bunch of stuff out of VA Beach this weekend and then driving it home for me!! All that is left down here are the things that are going to Japan! And I do not have to pack a single piece of it! :-)

I will be heading home for a couple of weeks before I come back to supervise the move at the end of the month. I am looking forward to (hopefully) seeing a bunch of you while I am up there! Lots of love to everyone!

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